Opal® Seal is a protective sealant we use to prepare your teeth before we put your braces on. The Opal Seal orthodontic primer works by doing some of the following:

  • It helps to create a seal between your teeth and the harmful plaque bacteria that contribute to tooth decay. This barrier is especially effective because teeth are harder to clean during orthodontic treatment.
  • It releases the fluoride mineral that strengthens and rebuilds enamel tissues. Fluoride is found in food, water, and toothpaste as well as this primer.

The Opal Seal primer is virtually invisible, so no one will be able to see it on your smile. It can last for several months and we can reapply it as needed.

In addition, Opal Seal can benefit both children and adults. Please call our office today if you want to learn more about the benefits of our Opal Seal protective sealant.

“Dr. Lowder and his staff are professional, honest, trustworthy, hard working, friendly, dedicated, and genuinely care about the well being of their patients. My teeth and bite have never looked better in my life and I am indebted to Lowder Orthodontics for the incredible service they have given me.”

~ M. Jiménez

“Before I decided this was the office for my orthodontic work, I had three consultations. I have never been at ease when it comes to work on my teeth. I know I chose the right orthodontist and staff for me. Thank you so much for everything these past couple years. You all have been amazing!”

~ Jeannie A.

“Getting braces was not something I looked forward to doing. I’m so glad I came to Lowder Orthodontics! The entire staff made me feel good every visit. Best experience that I could have while fixing my teeth!! Thanks for the fun times!”

~ Brennan R.
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