Contemporary Care

Lowder Orthodontics is dedicated to providing a thoroughly modern care experience. We use only the most up-to-date, comfort-oriented orthodontic technology for the benefit of our patients in their daily lives. We use cosmetically appealing braces and aligners for patients of all ages and the latest imaging technology. We even have an attentive, after-braces care plan that keeps teeth looking and feeling great.

Fun and Professional

We know how important efficiency and expertise is to our patients, which is why our orthodontist and staff regularly attend training programs to keep their skills at their best. We also make sure to provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere for all our patients, from kids to grownups. We invite our visitors to enjoy our in-office TV and play our wall-mounted video games.

Patient Involvement

We want our patients to come away from the practice with a good education in oral health on top of the treatment we provide. Our patients and their families will always be involved in the ongoing process of orthodontic care, from the first consultation to the best practices for at-home maintenance. We will answer all questions promptly and address any concerns our patients or their families have.

Affordability and Convenience

Lowder Orthodontics provides top-quality service to everyone who comes to our practice. We do our best to give our patients as many options as possible for their treatment and to keep our services affordable according to the needs of our patients.

We have five locations — in Rigby, Rexburg and Rigby — for maximum convenience, and we are happy to provide special Friday appointments to fit even the busiest schedule. We are always available for emergency appointments, as well.

“Dr. Lowder and his staff are professional, honest, trustworthy, hard working, friendly, dedicated, and genuinely care about the well being of their patients. My teeth and bite have never looked better in my life and I am indebted to Lowder Orthodontics for the incredible service they have given me.”

~ M. Jiménez

“Before I decided this was the office for my orthodontic work, I had three consultations. I have never been at ease when it comes to work on my teeth. I know I chose the right orthodontist and staff for me. Thank you so much for everything these past couple years. You all have been amazing!”

~ Jeannie A.

“Getting braces was not something I looked forward to doing. I’m so glad I came to Lowder Orthodontics! The entire staff made me feel good every visit. Best experience that I could have while fixing my teeth!! Thanks for the fun times!”

~ Brennan R.
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